Speaker Presentations


Opening Plenary session

Fun Factor: Orthostatic hypotension: It’s a rap,
Chris Lawless, Naree Cowan & Cassie Jones,
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Exercise in residential care
Dr Jennie Hewitt,
The University of Sydney

Putting the patient at the centre: Comprehensive care
Lorraine Lovitt, NSW Fall Prevention Program, Professor Anne-Marie Hill, Curtin University

Session 1

Improving understanding of falls amongst aged care in-patients
Jo Hughes,
Rockingham General Hospital

3 years on: Safe recovery in-patient education
Christine Lee,
Rockingham General Hospital

Providing falls prevention education to older patients
Trish Starling,
Curtin University

State Rehabilitation Service falls video
Cathy Warburton,
Fiona Stanley Hospital

Geraldton Hospital falls huddles
Kirra Pallant, Wachs Midwest – Geraldton Hospital Liza Doble, Wachs Midwest – Geraldton Hospital

Congratulation, you are the new falls project officer
Miriam Ruthenberg,
St John Of God Healthcare

Using hospital patient sitters for falls prevention
Tammy Weselman,
Curtin University

Driving improvements in care: Falls in hospital collaborative
Lorraine Lovitt
Excellence Commission

Session 2

Multi-specialty hospital collaboration: Challenges and success
Su Kitchen,
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Working with local governments and their public health plans to prevent falls
Rachel Meade,
Injury Matters

A model for primary and community integrated fall prevention partnerships
Monique Kurdian,
Stay Standing

How culture can have a positive influence on falls prevention
Anna Gatti & Bronwyn Gaston,
Osborne Park Hospital

Establishing a community falls network in WA
Rachel Meade,
Injury Matters Session

Session 3

Clinical effectiveness of the TUG in a memory clinic
Kristie Harper,
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Identifying frailty in falls and fragile bones clinics
Tony Petta,
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Development and introduction of a falls screening tool for out-patient dialysis
Beverley de Souza, Marjorie So & Nicole Schlatter,
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Session 5

The FSH ED Falls project and allied health intervention
Sandy Dumas,
Fiona Stanley Hospital and Stephanie Kay, Fremantle Hospital

Preventing falls for older people presenting to ED – RESPOND program
Prof. Keith Hill,
Monash University

Older adults’ capability and motivation for falls prevention following hospital discharge
Chiara Naseri,
Curtin University

Evaluation of health related outcomes in a Transitional Care Program
Jo-Aine Hang,
Curtin University

Barriers and enablers to falls prevention following hospitalisation
Chiara Naseri,
Curtin University

Session 6

Using audiovisual technology to demonstrate the impact of SOYF
Catrina Wold,
Injury Matters

Ageing well with hockey
Dr Scott Blackwell

Utilising behaviour change theory to promote physical activity
Juliana Summers,
Injury Matters

Guiding integration of falls and cognitive impairment hospital care across WA
Dr Nicholas Waldron,
Armadale Health

Plenary Session

Interventions for people with cognitive impairment
Professor Jacqui Close,
Prince of Wales Hospital

Increasing participation in exercise
Dr Elissa Burton,
Curtin University

Development of the 2019 Western Australian Falls Report
Roisin Sweeney
Injury Matters


Opening Plenary session

Whole of system approach to falls prevention – learnings from New Zealand
Sandy Blake,
Capital & Coast District Health Board, N.Z.

WA post fall multi-disciplinary guidelines: A model for successful collaboration
Su Kitchen
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Patient engagement, auditing your services for falls prevention
Professor Anne-Marie Hill
Curtin University

Forget me not volunteers: Supporting falls prevention
Elaine Newman,
Royal Perth Bentley Group

SAFER Tool: FRAMP minimum interventions
Narelle Dennett,
Geraldton Hospital

Session 7

When things go bump in the night
Elaine Newman,
Royal Perth Bentley Group

Sleeping with the elephant in the room – Sentida 7i
Annette Terranova
Unicare Health

Associations between injurious falls and falls preventive interventions
Professor Anne-Marie Hill
Curtin University

Falls prevention interventions in hospitals: Systematic review with meta-analysis
Dr Dana Jazayeri
La Trobe University

Focus on Developing Fall Prevention and Physical Activity Programs with Older Aboriginal People
Margaret Gidgup, Karen Williams (Curtin University), Vilma Palacios, Jessica Carter (North Metropolitan Public Health Unit) & Professor Marion Kickett (Director: Centre for Aboriginal Studies Curtin University)

Session 8

The impact of peer education on older adults fall prevention behaviours
Roisin Sweeney
Injury Matters

End falls: An Australia-wide grass-roots driven health literacy initiative
Monique Kurdian, Stay Standing
Dean Cameron, End Falls

Developing a Stay on Your Feet audiovisual resource for falls prevention
Catrina Wold
Injury Matters

Stay on Your Feet falls prevention program: Case study reviews
Roisin Sweeney
Injury Matters

Session 9

Stay on Your Feet adaptation for culturally and liguistically diverse older adults
Juliana Summers
Injury Matters

Introduction to Moorditj Djena ”Strong feet”
Theresa Miller, East Metropolitan Health Service and Liz Wilkes

People with intellectual disability – barriers experienced when accessing services after a fall
Portia Ho
The University of Notre Dame

Carers fall concerns and falls
Marcus Ang
University of Newcastle

Session 10

Patient acceptability of the AmbIGeM system in preventing in-patient falls
Mengqi Zhou
Flinders University

Understanding acceptability of wearable sensors in falls prevention in hospital (AmbIGeM trial)
Nicholas Ng
Flinders University

A serious game for teaching in-hospital falls prevention for physiotherapy students
Tony Petta,
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Designing an App: A journey down the rabbit hole of digital technology
Monique Kurdian,
Stay Standing

Session 11

More than meets the eye: A trans-disciplinary approach to falls prevention
Aleysha Parker & Pamela Barras
Vision Australia

Incidence and risk factors for falls among older adults with intellectual disability
Portia Ho
The University of Notre Dame

Orthostatic hypotension education package
Bronwyn Gaston, Osborne Park Hospital and Su Kitchen, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Session 12

Personal care staff and falls prevention in residential aged care
Jo-Aine Hang
Curtin University

Post fall assessment for residential aged care facilities
Carol Douglas
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

A clinical enhancement program to prevent falls in Bethanie aged care homes
David Harrison
The Bethanie Group

Health advice post fall flyer for residential aged care facilities
Carol Douglas
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Falls to Frailty Assessment: A Transition of Thinking to Practice
Sandy Blake
Capital & Coast District Health Board, N.Z.

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